Chris Boiling had a midlife crisis and bought a vineyard in Slovenia

Chris Boiling is an English writer who had a midlife crisis and bought a vineyard in Slovenia. He thought it would make a great writing retreat, but then failed to get any more commissions for scripts. Instead, he used his time to get to know the winemakers of Central Europe, the wine regions of Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria and northern Italy, and the wines made from grape varieties that are rarely seen on supermarket shelves.

Now he would like to share his passion with you. In the travel section you will find stories about the greatest wine roads in the world. In the grapes section you will find details of great wines from little-known winemakers and little-known grape varieties. In the Living the Dream blog you will discover what it’s really like to run a vineyard in a foreign country. In the wine gifts section you will find unusual and special wine gifts, such as renting a row of vines.

As the site grows, we will be spreading our wings and turning the spotlight on other up-and-coming wine countries, such as Romania, Slovakia, Montenegro, Moldova and Macedonia. To make sure you don’t miss out on new reports, new wines, new gifts and relevant wine news, subscribe here. It’s free!

Laski Rizling Aug 2012 462.JPG

These are our babies.

The majority of vines in our little vineyard are 45 years old. The main grape variety is Laški Rizling, but there are also some Šipon, Traminec and Rumeni Muskat vines.