Slovenia is 91% self-sufficient in wine

Latest statistics show how important wine is to the country

Slovenia is 91% self-sufficient in wine. That’s quite an achievement since its citizens sup an impressive 43L of wine a year on average (more than a bottle a week).

They have good taste too: 75% of the 823,000 hectolitres of wine produced in 2015/2016 is good quality (with protected designation of origin status).

The country is best known for its white wines, which dominate production. 69% of the country’s total wine production is white (although this has dropped in recent years), and 68% of its consumption (more than 615,000 hectolitres) is white.

The official figures from the office of national statistics:

  • Total wine produced from the good 2015 harvest – 823,000 hectolitres;
  • White wines – almost 570,000 hectolitres (69%);
  • Wines with protected designation of origin status – 615,000 hectolitres (75%);
  • Wines with protected geographical indication status – 145,000 hectolitres (18%);
  • Domestic consumption – about 900,000 hectolitres;
  • White wine consumption – 615,000 hectolitres (68%).